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son of winter and stars: On Alice and why her inclusion as a Princess of Heart in Kingdom Hearts makes perfect sense.


People say Alice shouldn’t have been a Princess of Heart in Kingdom Hearts because she isn’t a “Disney Princess” or even a princess of any kind and that Ariel should have been a PoH instead. These people have flawed reasoning and don’t know what they’re talking about.

First off, Kairi isn’t a…

You raise some good points, however,

Snow white actually was a princess. the evil stepmother was jealous of her, so she tried to disguise snow as a servant and pretty much take away all the perks of being royal, but Snow white was still the daughter of the deceased king.

Cinderella and Belle, you do make a good point, but it’s heavily implied in the movies that they will end up married. If that’s not a good enough argument, then you could also say that they get princess status via “Courting a prince” which is even included in the KH canon.

As for Kairi, I had always thought that it was implied that she was the princess of Radiant Garden, after all, child Kairi is depicted as living in the castle with her grandmother in BbS and in flashbacks in KH1, but I guess there isn’t much concrete proof that she’s actually a princess. Although, and this may be me completely misremembering, but wasn’t there another flashback where Riku and Sora refer to Kairi as being the Mayor’s daughter?

The game developers could have had alice as a party member and Ariel just a character that gets kidnapped. When people argue that Ariel gets priority over Alice, they’re arguing that the game developers should have changed the game or written it differently. the logistical problem of the missing party member could have been solved easily.

I’ll admit Ariel could have had some darkness in her heart, however a similar case could be made for Alice. Just like Ariel, she acts rashly and impulsively, has something of a short temper, and has the occasional tantrum. 

I don’t mean to start an argument, I’m really just playing Devil’s Advocate. It seems to me like what you’re trying to say is that a princess of heart isn’t a literal princess in any political sense, but a woman with a heart that has absolutely no darkness in it, That point I’d still agree with, it’s just the examples you try to employ to prove it that I take issue with, and even then, I admittedly take issue with them on somewhat shaky ground.

If anyone has advice…

So, I have to write this research paper on a topic of my choosing, and, naturally, I decided to write an essay defending Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep as being as good as (failing that, should at least be counted as) a classical Tragedy. I plan to do research on what elements make a great classical tragedy so that I can prove that BbS has those, I’ll also do research into individual tragedies to compare them to the characters. My plan is to compare Terra to King Lear, Ventus to Oedipus, but I’m stuck at Aqua. Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with many Tragedies, So this is my question; If anyone out there in the Tumblverse happens to know of a classical Tragic Hero or Heroine whose tragic flaw is that they’re too nice for their own good (Spoiler alert: Aqua ends up sacrificing herself for a lost cause, and in the long run ends up trapping herself, a keyblade hero, in the darkness while the villain she saved runs free), please let me know. This post is kind of a long shot, but I figured I might as well try.

In the end, If I utterly fail to find a Tragic Hero to compare her to, I suppose I could run a little further with the King Lear thing and compare her to Kent/ Cordelia (Cordelia, like heart! get it!? Kingdom hearts! hahaha, puns.)


I can’t stop thinking about the whole “Then what is the point of you…?” line from S05E07 “Amy’s Choice.” Like. That was very obviously foreshadowing. She made her choice. She picked Rory. She was always going to pick Rory.

It actually kind of makes me think of in the same episode when she said “Because if this is real then I don’t want it.

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Dat 2nd to last Chem quiz


[I think it’s the second to last one. either way oh well]

Awww yeah. Owned that hehe. Granted, it was a pretty quiz this time, at least for me [got those redox reactions down. Aww yeah ;)]

Feeling good~~~! Not kidding. I’m at an all-time high this week, that will soon drrooopppp once I get cracking on this Chem Lab studying, and Math homework [that I wish would do itself].

But first: time to bs this FstYrExp presentation. hehe.

Wait a minute, are we in the same class?

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